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We have our own patented IoT platform on which we develop our technologies.


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Our views on subgenre of science fiction in a dystopian futuristic setting that tends to focus on a combination of lowlife and high tech.

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Our views on trending and futuristic smart technologies that will shape the World. Also we will interact with you to build more smart technologies.


Tutorials of our smart technologies like GrihTech - Home Automation, UdyamTech - Office Automation and UdyogTech - Industries Automation.


Get the news of latest updates and upgraded available for our smart devices and web & mobile apps. Also we will share feedback, reviews and survey forms.


Yantriksh Cybernetics Industries

An innovative and smart electronics manufacturing company with patented IoT Technology.

Yantriksh is an award-winning smart electronics manufacturing company and making electronics smart and intelligent. Our company is awarded by "Bihar Changemakers Award" by Hob'ble Minister Syed Shahnwaz Hussain, Industries Department, Govt. of Bihar. We are also recognized by Startup India.
We have patented IoT platform facilitated by NRDC [National Research Development Corporation]. Our innovative technologies are supported by NRDC, An Enterprise of DSIR [Department of Scientific & Industrial Research], Govt. of India. We provide smart modules with mobile apps to 3rd party companies to make their devices smart.
Our devices provide 99.99% accuracy with precision from 0.09 to 0.00000596. The present day requirement for miniaturization and accuracy can not be possible by manual working. The automation also helps in reproducing uniform quality in every cycle. Easily scale and manage from one manufacturing unit to multiple manufacturing units from single mobile or web dashboard. By IIoT based automation we can store data thus generated and use them, coupled with artificial intelligence, to arrive to a faster decision making process.
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What is Yantriksh ID?

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